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Thursday, March 4, 2010


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Global warming becomes a big issue in today’s media. If you read a newspaper or watching TV you may read or hear about Global warming.

 Global warming is the process that describes the earth’s temperature rise. This rise in temperature is because of greenhouse gases. Global warming and climate change are the biggest problem we are facing today. Some people are still not believe in global warming and they look at it like some crazy invented thing made by the scientists. Global warming could result in rising sea levels and flooding. There could be more powerful storms. Global warming has given birth to a new scramble for territory and resources among the five Arctic powers.

Now Dwarka gems going to be launched a collection on global warming named “PRITHVI“. We are making a step to save the earth and human life. It’s just a contribution to make aware about the global warming through the Jewellery. In this collection we want to show the climate change, melting glaciers and rising global temperatures due to the environmental pollutions and industrial effluents. The jewellery speaks the language of distraction of the planet. One-of-a-kind creations that express a passion for stop global warming. Instead we are waiting that the planet will cover by the pollution or it will be melted by Increasing in temperature as in the jewellery shows. We have to taken a step and do something for stop the global warming and for save our planet or we all are ready to face the distraction of the planet.

Promote and Wear this jewellery and make a change in your life style to control the rising temperature of planet. Save the planet and human life.

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By Designer – Vartika Pitaliya