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Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Ebay Store - Best Place to Buy Luxury

Dwarka gems Ltd have recently come up with a new module for making the jewellery available to our clients- and new prospective buyers. We have come up with selling jewelry on eBay on our following shop: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/magnifico
We at dwarkas are committed to quality workmanship in our jewellery, we believe in supplying the best value to our every customer, and making available fair deals at the best prices. Visit our eBay store now and shop jewellery of your choice by getting good discounts on bulk purchases. You may also contact us through e-mail at:  sales. executive@ dwarkas.com for further assistance.

We ship the items to the customers taking the minimal production time and effective and safe delivery to the customer’s doorsteps. You may also obtain from us the benefits of free shipping and good discounts on regular orders. The online transactions made with us are completely authentic and all the jewellery available to our buyers.

So hurry up!! 

Visit our eBay store now and shop for the best deal!!!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Exhibiting at JCK - Las Vegas Show

Invitation To JCK Las Vegas 2010

Dear Patron,

We at Dwarka Gems Ltd cordially invite you To Las Vegas Jewelry Fair “JCK, Las Vegas  2010  - Friday, June 4 – Monday, June 7, 2010 ” at our stall No. 44101  - Located at Indian Pavilion at Level 1

Fair Venue
Sands Expo & Convention Center, Blaine, , United States Of America  

Fair Timings
 Friday, June 4 9:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday, June 5 9:30am - 6:00pm
Sunday, June 6 9:30am - 6:00pm
Monday, June 7 9:30am - 4:00pm 

We are looking forward to meet you in person at the show.

Warm Regards

Sameer Samar
Dwarka Gems Ltd

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthstones Funda

Birthstones are precious and semiprecious stones associated with the month. Each stone is said to be lucky for the person born in that month or the effect of stone associated with particular month is increased or at its pinnacle during that month and wearing that stone in that particular month bring luck.

For E.g. if you are born in may than your birth stone is emerald and you will get most benefited by wearing it in may

The custom of wearing birthstone become popular around 15th century in Poland. Since than it has augmenting craze in every part of the world.

There are For Type Of Birth Stone list:-

1. Traditional Birthstones- These stones reflect societal birthstone traditions, heralding back to the 15th century.

2. Modern Birthstones- It contains the official birthstone list from the American National Association of Jewelers. In1912 to standardized the birthstone ANA adopted this list

3. Mystical Birthstone – It is a List of Tibetan Origin. Legend says that these birthstones really help one overcome the obstacles of their birth month

4. Ayurvedic Birthstones- It is from the ancient Indian medicine and philosophy

Traditional and Modern Birthstone list is quite alike with little exception. Have a look at both the lists below.

So here are few of our This Month (MAY) emerald stone collection.

You can even purchase these at ebay now

Click the picture below to check our products on ebay.

For further detail contact us at

Or visit us at -
Mail us - sales@dwarkagems.com

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tips For Wearing, Keeping & Cleaning Your Jewellry

Tips For Wearing, Keeping & Cleaning Your Jewellry

Whether we purchase it ourselves or somebody gifts it to us, Gold jewelry is expected to last for lifetime. But it loose its luster even get scratched when used in imprudent ways.
To let your jewelry shine forever it is necessary to take proper care of your jewelry so here are few tips on how to wear, keep and clean gold jewelry.

  1. Trying avoid wearing gold jewelry during taking bath, swimming, doing laundry, doing dishes as soap water, chlorine are worst enemies of gold.
  2. Even perfume, makeup, perspiration can harm the luster of gold jewelry so wear your jewelry after applying makeup and perfume.
  3. Keep your diamond and gold jewelry separate because hard stone can scratch gold jewelry easily.
  4. Keep your jewelry in velvet box or soft tissue paper or separate Polly bags.
  5. While keeping away your jewelry make sure it is dry because moisture can collapse and weaken the jewelry over time.
  6. You can use a cleaning solution specially made for cleaning gold jewelry or Luke warm water mixed with ammonia or the best get it to your local jeweler and get it steamed clean as normal cleaning procedure can damage the stone in the jewelry


Thursday, March 4, 2010


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Global warming becomes a big issue in today’s media. If you read a newspaper or watching TV you may read or hear about Global warming.

 Global warming is the process that describes the earth’s temperature rise. This rise in temperature is because of greenhouse gases. Global warming and climate change are the biggest problem we are facing today. Some people are still not believe in global warming and they look at it like some crazy invented thing made by the scientists. Global warming could result in rising sea levels and flooding. There could be more powerful storms. Global warming has given birth to a new scramble for territory and resources among the five Arctic powers.

Now Dwarka gems going to be launched a collection on global warming named “PRITHVI“. We are making a step to save the earth and human life. It’s just a contribution to make aware about the global warming through the Jewellery. In this collection we want to show the climate change, melting glaciers and rising global temperatures due to the environmental pollutions and industrial effluents. The jewellery speaks the language of distraction of the planet. One-of-a-kind creations that express a passion for stop global warming. Instead we are waiting that the planet will cover by the pollution or it will be melted by Increasing in temperature as in the jewellery shows. We have to taken a step and do something for stop the global warming and for save our planet or we all are ready to face the distraction of the planet.

Promote and Wear this jewellery and make a change in your life style to control the rising temperature of planet. Save the planet and human life.

If u want to than please visit to Dwarkas.

For retailer and wholesalers – you can also have this wonderful collection on your displays. For ordering, kindly contact –

By Designer – Vartika Pitaliya

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Exhibiting at Hongkong International Jewllery show – Adorable Collection

Dwarka Gems Limited is already marked it global presence by exhibiting its wonderful and world class jewelry at top rated trade shows all around the world.
Global acceptance of our fine jewelry designs and quality motivated us for continuing with these trade shows. Just after the Vicenza Jewelry Show, we are ready to carry ahead the same trend. Next month we are exhibiting our one of the finest and trendy collection at Hongkong International Jewellery Show.
This time we are presenting our adorable concepts with 18k Gold, 10k Gold, Palladium and Sterling silver with natural gemstones and diamonds. Recessions all around the world, unstable gold prices and global demand for fine jewelry made us to launch our collections in 10k gold.
The beauty of this collection is in its quality. It is as good as it our 18k gold quality, just metal karat has changed. We are sure that you will be surprised to see the world class quality in silver as well at real competitive prices.
Our close competitors are out of the competitions as we are providing world class quality at competitive prices which is unbeatable.
We invite all retailers, wholesalers and end customers to visit us during the show. We respect your valuable presence over there.
Show Details –
Company Name  -  Dwarka Gems Limtied
Booth No.            -  GFH 22
Date                    -   5-9 March 2010 (Friday - Tuesday)
Venue                 -   Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition centre
                                1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Harbour Road Entrance)

     For more details, contact us at – sales@dwarkas.com

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    Sunday, January 31, 2010

    Authentication for the First Time Buyers – Alibaba.Com

    Jewelry industry is one of the industries where establishing a trust and authentication is the most prior goal for any company for encouraging new buyers. The reason behind is that it is quite capital intensive. 
    Keeping in mind the same thing and to encourage new buyers for establishing  long term business relations with Dwarka Gems Limited, it has acquired the Gold membership of the world’s largest business to business (b2b) portal Alibaba.com. Alibaba.com is the most trustworthy platform for all kinds of buyers and sellers from all around the world. It provide us the global authentication which is verified by ACP (Asian Companies Profile).
    Click to see the certificate. http://dwarkagems.trustpass.alibaba.com/
    Dwarka Gems Limited will provide you the 
    1. best quality of jewelry at real competitive prices.
    2. Transparency in the overall business processes for maintaining long term business relations.
    3. The best wholesale jewelry offers and customized jewlery
    4. Low minimum order quantity (MOQ) for encouraging and supporting new retailers and wholesalers.
    5. Continuous support through out the order processing and delivering

    Join us and lets build a world of opportunities for mutual benefits.

    By - Sameer Samar  - Marketing Manager for International Trade

    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    Valentine Collection - Love to be love with

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    Get your own

    Valentine's Day is on February 14th and coming soon. It is a  special day celebrated by many lovers all over the world. Valentine's Day is really a great chance for you to express your love to your sweetheart. It is a perfect day for lovers to exchange the most special gifts to the one they love. Selecting your romantic Valentine's gift probably seems like a very tricky job as it is not always easy to find a gift that is unique and romantic. There are plenty of options to choose for a Valentines Day gift such as flowers, chocolates, Valentine's cards, perfume and more things. Among them, heart shape jewelry is one of the best options.

    Heart jewelry are very popular gift item among lovers around the world. You know, heart shape is universally recognized as the symbol of love. Diamond is the best friend of any women. So Heart shaped jewelry is always the perfect gift for any woman on Valentine's Day. You can find heart shaped jewelry items a lot ranging from  earrings, ring, chain / necklace, locket etc. You also have the many option of choosing jewelry gift for Valentines Day among an array of metals like gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and so on. Sterling silver is the most popular choice in heart jewelry today and for many reasons. Sterling silver is one of the precious metal and very affordable. It can be plated with rhodium to make it look like platinum. Silver heart jewelry can be found studded with cubic zriconia stone or other gems, which imparts a dazzling look to it.

    Searching for a Valentine's Day gift is an important task because your gift should express your personality and love. Heart shaped jewelry are a great way to express your love to her. With sterling silver metal, you can have romantic heart jewelry present for your sweetheart without really going over budget. Heart shaped jewelry will make for a romantic  Valentines Day.

    There is something you can buy for your girlfriend without causing much of distress to your pocket. Its something she would definitely admire and it is something that will hold a deep meaning to it.

    Dwarkas launched a Valentine collection for those who really want to express their True love to their partner and without going over budget. If you want to than please visit to Dwarkas.

    For retailer and wholesalers – you can also have this wonderful collection on your displays. For ordering, kindly contact – silver@dwarakas.com

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    Time Less Designer Jewelry

    Dwarkas are known for the exclusive designs that the truly timeless. We have jewels with a unique style. It draws its inspiration from the infinite forms of nature and simple unique shapes. It’s a combination of Art and Fashion.

    The jewels have real appeal to anyone seeking a more individualistic look. Jewels created to satisfied the Fashionable jewels needs of today’s youth culture. The design     allowing anyone to express their individuality by wore these designs.

    Each jewel reflects innovation of designs, master craftsmanship and technical clarity. The designing and high degree of quality, make its jewel immediately recognizable.

    Designs create sensational effects with high quality of Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, tourmalines and other colored stones in elegant gold.

    Our creations are also appeals in Sterling silver. Trendy and innovative silver designs enhanced with semi-precious and precious stones. The collections are made for International wholesalers and volume buyers.
    By Designer - Vartika Pitaliya

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Finest Colletion - Vicenza Oro show

    Dwarka Gems Limited is launching its finest collection of rings made in Black Onyx, It is the wonderful craftsmanship of Dwarka's. The Rings are fully made in Black Onyx and on the top of that a collate has been made in 18k yellow and white gold with diamonds and sparkling Citrin.

    The collection make a Royal Touch for the wearer. A lot many Exclusive designs have been made on the same theme which caters to the very niche market of Luxurious people.

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Company Profile

    Dwarka Gems Ltd, Incorporated in 1987, since then it has marched its way to success with a single minded dedication to become a World class jewelry manufacturer. Spread over 18000 sq.ft.area and over 200 expert craftsmen trained by Italian technicians, the unit houses the state of the art manufacturing techniques available in the world with international expertise. The technology and expertise ensures precision and speed.

    The exclusive and innovative product range of the company includes Gold, Silver and Platinum handmade fine jewelry with Diamonds and Natural Gemstones. The brand Dwarkas Stands for quality assurance, highest standards of creativity, variety and unsurpassed transparency in dealing.

    Dwarkas - The Destination where you can get the best quality at competitive prices

    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    Contact Information

    India office 

    Dwarka Gems Limited
    61 – B, Sardar Patel Marg,
    C- Scheme, Jaipur 302 001
    Ph-:+91 141 2369798  Fax:+91 141 5122990
    Email – silver@dwarkas.com or sales@dwarkas.com

    London Office 

    Dwarka Gems (Europe) Ltd
    Suite 622, Linen Hall 162-168
    Regent Street London W1B 5TG
    Ph-:+44 2070 390 146
    Mob:+44 7727 630 634
    Registered as Dwarka Gems (Europe) Ltd. in England and Wales VAT No. 882505512

    Friday, January 8, 2010

    Gold Rings Collection

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    Silver Jewelry Collection